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Charter of the French Cavities with Concretions

grotte de lauzinas


The representatives of a set of 18 cavities which the French State had proposed in 2006 with the inscription with the world heritage of UNESCO were made up in association.

This candidature not having been able to succeed, they decided to continue their action for the benefit of this exceptional inheritance, within the framework of this charter:

The representatives of French cavities with concretions decided to gather around the following objectives, to which each entity concerned – community, club or association, owners, company of private law or public – adheres freely. All the approachs put in work, collectively or site by site, will be done only insofar as one formal agreement between all the partners is established.


For all :

• The primary goal is to ensure the safeguarding of the underground inheritance, its conservation and its valorization like exceptional geological testimony on the operation of the karst and the history of planet like for its aesthetic and patrimonial value.

• The second objective is to allow the division of knowledge, to support the scientific studies and their publication. In this direction, the explorations and speleological researches undertaken for this purpose and the possibilities of visit of the sites as a vector ASSOCIATION OF VALORIZATION OF SURGE FRENCH A CONCRETIONS of information and of communication must be maintained and developed in so far as they do not call into question the primary goal.

For that :

• Each member to the present charter ensures protection and the development of the part of the cavity concerned of which it has the load and takes care of its management in the respect of the objectives above and of possibly established protections.

• Each one takes part in the promotion of the underground inheritance in general, of the specificity of the karst in France in particular, like with the valorization of the cavities with concretions. For this reason, it supports any candidature for the world heritage relative to these underground inheritances.


The representatives of the cavities commit themselves to share the scientific data and echnic of which they have the property and discussing collégialement of their implementation. The representatives are assisted for the questions concerned with their respective competences by the National association of the owners of caves arranged for tourism (ANECAT), by the French federation of Speleology (FFS) and by the scientists or experts associated with the conservation and management with the cavities. As a need, other experts can be consulted punctually.



In the partnership and the relationship with the administration and the services of the State like with the local government agencies, cavities, their representatives will delegate one or more of them according to the challenges of the questions to treat. Rules of procedure will determine the methods of this representation and the mandates.


Association that the members with the present charter constitute agrees to accommodate as members the representatives of other cavities which will become signatories of the charter.

the Association of Valorization of the French Cavities with Concretions

détail grotte

This association is derived from the Association of Management of the French Cavities proposed with the World heritage of UNESCO, which had been creates in December 2006 to accompany the project by the State Français.Le project having been withdrawn, the members of association decided to continue operation by adapting the statutes to make of it a tool with the service of the protection of the caves.

The structure is made up of the local actors as members of right:

– The owner or a representative
– the Mayor or a representative
– the discoverer or a representative of the club discoverer
– the manager or the administrative club

A representative of the French federation of Speleology and a representative of the national association of the owners of caves arranged for tourism, as of the active members supplement this structure.

The role of association is centered on the mutualisation of the knowledge to make as regards protection of a fragile medium. It takes care of the application of the charter of the French cavities to concretions and develops actions of communication on the inheritance by presentations, publications and visits for the division of knowledge


Grotte de l’Aguzou
Grotte Amélineau
Aven Armand
Aven de l’Aspirateur
Gouffre de Cabrespine
Grotte de la Cigalère
Grotte de Clamouse
Grotte de Dargilan
Grotte des Demoiselles
Gouffre d’Esparros
Barrencs de Fournès
Réseau Lachambre
Grotte du Lauzinas
Grotte du Macoumé
Grotte de Malaval
Aven du Mont Marcou
Aven Noir
Aven d’Orgnac
Balme del Pastre
Grotte de Pousselières
Réseau du Rautely
Grotte de Roquebleu
Grotte du TM 71

the Association of Valorization of the French Cavities with Concretions

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détail de la grotte d'aguzouComposition of the Management Committee of the AVCFC

Président : Roger Parzybut

Vice-Présidente : Nicole Dubois
Vice-Président : Claude Raynaud

Secrétaire : Jean-Paul Pin
Secrétaire adjoint : Daniel André

Trésorier : Jacky Fauré
Trésorier adjoint : Denis Matarin

Jean-Louis Galera
Guilhem de Grully
Mikaël Leal
Jean-Louis Perez
Pierre Teillaud
Joël Ughetto


Roger Parzybut Président
11, rue aux Chiens

Jacky Fauré Trésorier
14, lotissement des Cerisiers