Aven Noir ( Black Aven)

aven noir

NOIR AVEN • 12230 Nant • AVCFC

aven noir

Within the sumptuous framework of the Throats of Trévezel, on the sides of Black Causse and in the Natural park of Large Causses, develops in Aveyron and Gard one of the most prestigious sintered networks of France.

Louis Balsan made the first exploration, on April 17th, 1933, of the traditional part: strange and enormous attic window open on a black vacuum of 40 m leading in a vast long room in very of 240 Mr.

Balsan said this swallow-hole which it was: “the strangest abyss of Large Causses”.


aven noirWell later, in 1999, Roland Pélissier, after removal of obstructions from a blowing crack, reached in an immense very sintered network, of which it currently ensures management.

The Macary-Pélissier network which is, of the opinion of the best experts who visited it, most phenomenal of France, in the sense that it composes the decoration more sintered and more varied our country in vaults with colossal dimensions.

On more than 10 km of extent, crystallizations reign there with profusion, of all species (calcite, aragonite, gypsum, hydromagnesite, pearls of the caves, etc), and of great aesthetic quality.


aven noir



One meets great calcite concretions there of which certain red-blood, acicular tufts on wall the almost omnipresent ones, aureoles of aragonite on argillaceous beaches, clay fir trees, rods of gours, pearls (certain enormous), needles of gypsum, antistalagmites very deep, etc

The Noir Aven was classified in 2012.