Balme Del Pastre

balme del pastre

BALME DEL PASTRE • 12360 mélagues • AVCFC

balme del pastre
Nid de perle des cavernes

Discovered in 1977 by the Cadets of Brassac, the cave opens in the Natural Regional Parc  of Grands Causses in the village of Melagues, Aveyron.

The cave is located in a sinkhole, next to Saint Pierre Des cats road in the “Montagne Noire” area

A system of fractures gives the opportunity to go down to -70 m to reach the areas which have sunk.

At -30 meters, a large room presenst some exceptional system, many pisolithes between 5 and 60 mm diameter.


balme del pastre
Perles en forme de toupies


The movements are made because of the vertical streams which give energy to the cave .
The infiltration areas are between 15 and 20 meters high and the cieling has many stalactites in a disc shape.

The cave was classified on the 26th of April 2002 in the natural sites of Aveyron. The access is managed by the groupe who discovered it, the SSC of Brassac.

The site is protected because there is no advertising around the cave and the areas are very restricted.