Barrencs de Fournès-Cabardès

barrencs de fournès-cabardès

FOURNÈS-CARBARDÈS • 11600 Fournes-Cabardès • AVCFC

barencs de fournès-cabardès

Recent aragonite concretion coloured in blue by the cooper


It’s an antic copper mine accessible by a gallery you will find in the inferior sector of Lastours ( Aude) and it has been explored since the end of the 19th century.

Registered in the district of Salsigne it’s an interesting site for archaeology, geology and mineralogy.
The mine is situated over a drop of 100 meters, and follows a hydrothermal link.


A 2 meter high gallery is the centre of fragile concretions. They are less than 20 centuries old. Their equivalent in classical caves was formed during the Holocene.
You will see beautiful white and blue aragonite concretions and many different shapes in aragonite.


One rarity of the aragonite is the different shades of blue and you will discover many tinted areas.

You will also find tinted calcite in blue-green.


barencs de fournès-cabardèsbarencs de fournès-cabardès