Gouffre de Cabrespine

gouffre de cabrespine

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gouffre de cabrespine
La cigogne

The karstic whole of Cabrespine, located in the department of the Aude, in the middle of the Black Mountain, is a vast network, length 22500 m and major of 504 Mr.

Before being arranged in 1988 for tourism, this site was for the amateurs a reserve of single treasures of concretions, with for point of organ the famous Capdeville network.

The site is known since 1570, but it is only starting from 1968, thanks to explorations of the Spéléo-Club of the Aude whom the network reveals finally her secrecies.

Cabrespine, the cavity deepest of Languedoc-Roussillon, is immense by its volumes.


It has a very beautiful underground river in a limestone marbled, sintered solid masses scintillating of crystallizations, and finally, accessible since outside by a court and comfortable tunnel dug in 1988, a sector aesthetically arranged with boldness on a black vacuum of 150 m balance in top of which, by the “Balconies of the enraptured Devil”, one in front of the “Seventh heaven” and the “Red Rooms”.

gouffre de cabrespine

In the network Capdeville (overdraft in 1971-1972), abound the “toothbrushes” in aragonite, whose fabulous whole called “the Stork” (high of 1.20 m) and “the Bird snuffs”, concretion of 40 cm height aragonite, of the acicular eccentrics and coralloïdes, of the cups, and celebrates it “pourer with pastis”, of the discs…

Ensured since the origin by the Spéléo-Club of the Aude, shouldered by the direction of the tourist site, the conservation of this network is perfect.


gouffre de cabrespine
Les coupelles