Mont-Marcou Aven

grand aven du mont marcou

MONT-MARCOU • 34610 Saint Genies de Varensal • AVCFC

Grand Aven du Mont-Marcou
Green colored aragonite done by nickel



The Mont Marcou is a classic cave since Robert de Joly discovered the first part of it up to -65 meters.
Between 1948 and 1966, many generations of speleologists worked to explore this giant cave , which can reach – 345 m.
One of the carateristics is the giant well, Puits du grand Cedre. It has a depth of -146 meters .
The speleologists can access all the classic areas where the walls are naked, without any concretions.

Within the framework of the visits controlled by Association Mount-Marcou, founded in 2002, it is possible to reach towards the coast – 120 m a true geode decorated with an almost single coating aragonitic (indescribable), since only one site exists elsewhere in the World (in South Africa), and of less value



Grand Aven du Mont-Marcou

The colours are fantastic with a mix of intense green, and flecst of emerald.
The volume is small, only 3m but the concentration is amazing!
It’s like a natural garden where the vegetation grown over centuries, mixed with nickel. Also the finish is like a bouquet made of mineral flowers.
The scenery is unique.