Amélineau Cave

grotte d'amélineau

AMÉLINEAU • 48150 Hures-la-Parade • *protected email*

Salle des Fistuleuses
Salle des Fistuleuses

The Amélineau cave, discovered in November 1980 by Daniel André and Serge Gailhac, is a 120 m length cavity only, completely dry.

It is located in the Throats of Jonte in Lozere.

The cave is a 90 m length broad led consisted two rooms separated by a zone a little narrower. The last room is most remarkable with a true curtain the sinus ones of which some reach 4 m in height.

One meets there also fines and large posts out of calcite, some rare sinus of aragonite and spectacular “cymbals” comparable with those of TM 71.

grotte d'amélineauCertaines sinus having reached the ground were detached from the ceiling while following the movement of depression of the floor under the weight of blocks; it is resulted from it a remarkable configuration: the sinus ones planted in the ground like stalagmites!

The visits are ensured by the owner of the cavity and the Group of Speleological Research of the Throats of Jonte.


The cavity being very fragile is opened only three times a year and for 20 persons every time, for reasons motivated by studies and by protection.