Malaval Cave

grotte de malaval

MALAVAL • 48400 Les Bondons • AVCFC

grotte de malavalOn the valley of Bondons, you will find the Malaval cave , the longest one of  Lozere , 12 km long.
It’s also one of Frances most extraordinary caves for concretions and is famous for its aragonique opulence.

grotte de malaval
The Flag

Known for centuries it was only in 1947 that Dr Jean Gajac and Jacques Rouire started their investigations up to 1958.
The B.R.G.M also studied it after digging a well and a gallery.

Some speleologists have taken over the research , especially the Malaval association .
They dug a new system and they insure preservation of the site.


The site has eccentric aragonites and it’s one of the rare sites where they are tinted in blue , like in the gallery Monique.

C’est une cavité qui présente des excentriques d’aragonite en chapelets de boules, et l’une des rares à livrer de nombreux locus d’aragonites teintées en bleu dont la galerie Monique.

grotte de malaval

10 active gours made of aragonite, hydromagnetise and gypsum are around the following areas :
réseau des Tucs (huge aragonite), salles Blanches et Super-Blanches (kingdom of excentrics coralloïdes), galerie Traversière, galerie Chabaud (excentric aragonite and yeloow coralloïdes), réseau des Meuniers.
The owners and the Malaval association are ensuring the protection of the most valuable areas.