Grotte de Roquebleu

grotte du roque bleu


grotte du roquebleu
La zoubida

The Roquebleu Cave is part of the classified site Deveze Jaur . It was classified on the 16th of July 1996. You will find it in the marbel of the Devonien, on the south side of the Montagne Noire.
It’s the side of the touristic cave of Deveze ( Corniou les Grottes).


The fineness and the purity of the calcite and aragonite concretions are visible over 7 rooms.
Between 1990 and 1991 a hole was dug by the SCMNE and the speleo team of Centre terre .

This access gives the opportunity to access a new system which was never explored, yellow aragonite, baguettes, etc…


grotte du roquebleu
the ghost


The symbol of Roquebleu is the famous “Zoubida”, a building link to the wall which developed in the space. The whole area is picturesque.
The blue marble, which gives the name to the cave is visible all along the galleries.



grotte du roquebleu
The raisin grape


The cave has been secured for people who wish to visit it in safe condition.

20 visits can be done by the 2 clubs, SCMNE and Centre terre. Groups of 6 are organised with 2 guides.