Demoiselles Cave

gouffre des demoiselles

DEMOISELLES • 34190 St Bauzille de Putois • Guilhem de GRULLY • *protected email*

grotte des demoiselles
La grande draperie double

The legendary “ Bauma de las Fadas” or  “Las Damaiselas”, which means the fairies cave, is located in the Haute vallee de l’herault, in the village of Saint Bauzille de Putois.
It was used as a refuge during the religious wars (for Catholiques and Huguenots).

On the 7th and 15th of July 1780, the famous author of comic opera benoit-Joseph Marsollier des Vivetieres had his first speleogic experience, he  opened a new passage with dynimite!
Edouard-Alfred Martel was the first one to go down on the 7th of September 1884.

The cave is an Aven, it opened in 1929, with a large central room ( 120*48*52). Today the cave is easy to access by a tunnel of 160 m and you will also find a cablecar.

The “Salle des cathedrals” is majestic with its “calvaire Breton” , its “Grande Colonne”and its“Buffet d’Orgues”.


grotte des demoiselles
La demoiselle

In the middle of the site you will find the “Vierge de l’enfant” ( the Virgen of the child) monument made of pure calcite with an immaculate whiteness.
Also organised are Midnight masses.