TM71 Cave

grotte-tm71-2TM 71 • 11140 Fontanes de Sault • AVCFC
Located in the Pyrenees Orientales, in the gorges of Aude , the TM71 cave is its code name given by its discoverers, 5 young speleologists from Herault. While holidaying they started to look for caves in the Teillet Montagne in 1971.
The cave was just in front of the Aguzou cave .

2 entrances are available to visit the system.

The length is 11 km over a depth of 122 meters.
The bouquet of concretions is also diverse with calcites and aragonites.  Blue in the ceiling, green on the walls, crystals and triangular stalagmites.


grotte du tm71Inside the “Gallerie des merveilles “ are ones of the most beautiful pieces.

Since the 17th of August 1987 the site became a natural reserve with Philippe Moreno ( conservator)